Have your career already given you a preview of what it would feel like to live an enlightened life?

A chef sees food as a link between the past and the future, he sees the different stories it tells and how it brings people together. He feels a great sense of gratitude when he is around food because he knows the complexity of its history and at a deep level knows the magic behind it.

But is that not what enlightenment and living mindfully means? Feeling a deep sense of gratitude as you realise the work and complexity that makes up the world around you. The realisation that you are living in the magical result of history and get to enjoy the fruit of all that hard work.

Have our careers already given us a preview of that experience? Like the feeling you have as an entrepreneur when you book a stay at Airbnb and marvel at the founding story behind it and the hard work and brilliance that went into creating the experience you are a part of today.