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I’ve been working at an ad agency, software houses, a freelancer for startups and large companies and I am now working as an in-house Head of Design at

I feel like I was quite fortunate to go through that exact path because I was gradually able to learn new lessons based off working with various companies and people that have different goals in mind and see how organizations actually affect the user experience, design and development depending on which side of the company you are.

I am aiming this article to be some kind of a guide for newer designers — and perhaps a refresher for the more experienced ones, having this constraint allows me to focus on a specific goal and I will be able to actually end this article relatively fast without boring everyone to death. …

I’ve been struggling with finding a book which would be filled with information that was new, something that was eye opening and could change the way I think or work. I finally found one, which allowed to me to get new perspective (and refresh some things that are obvious but we need a reminder every once in a while) on probably the most important aspect of being a designer.

Being a great communicator.

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Articulating Design Decisions: Communicate with Stakeholders, Keep Your Sanity, and Deliver the Best User Experience by Tom Greever.

Being able to talk about design in a way that suits different kind of people is in most cases more important than the designs you’re creating. …

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A fast paced environment is at the core of hyper growth in any successful startups. As a UI or UX designer, you need to come up with innovative ideas, quickly refine and modify changes, analyze the results — lather, rinse, repeat.

To cut down on the learning curve for those of you who are still working on honing your own process, I have compiled a list of tools that I — and designers I work with — spend the most time with on a daily basis.

Important note: this list is not necessarily the best tools for every designer and every project; they’re the tools that I’ve found myself returning to on a consistent basis due mostly to their ease of use and straightforwardness. — If you have any suggestions or use tools that you think are better than what I’ve listed, please add a comment under the article. …


Patryk Zabielski

Senior Product Designer & Front-end Developer · Head of Design, UX @ Jerry Inc. · ·

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