I’ve been working at an ad agency, software houses, a freelancer for startups and large companies and I am now working as an in-house Head of Design at Jerry.ai.

I feel like I was quite fortunate to go through that exact path because I was gradually able to learn new lessons based off working with various companies and people that have different goals in mind and see how organizations actually affect the user experience, design and development depending on which side of the company you are.

I am aiming this article to be some kind of a guide for newer…

The Painting used for the parallax effect, made by Patryk Zabielski.

Hey friends, I will be showing you how to create a simple multi-layered illustration with depth that transitions into the content in a unique way. We’ll be using a technique that involves CSS and pure JS (no jQuery!).

The tutorial is for beginners with basic Javascript and CSS knowledge, so I will be explaining most of the things and link to external sources. (Edit: If you’re looking for information on how to start learning Javascript I wrote an article about it.)

Preview final effect

Prepare the illustration

Let’s start by cutting the painting into layers. Best-case-scenario would be a picture that you painted…

I’ve been struggling with finding a book which would be filled with information that was new, something that was eye opening and could change the way I think or work. I finally found one, which allowed to me to get new perspective (and refresh some things that are obvious but we need a reminder every once in a while) on probably the most important aspect of being a designer.

Being a great communicator.

Articulating Design Decisions: Communicate with Stakeholders, Keep Your Sanity, and Deliver the Best User Experience by Tom Greever.

Being able to talk about design in a way that suits different kind of people is in most cases more important than the designs you’re creating. …

A fast paced environment is at the core of hyper growth in any successful startups. As a UI or UX designer, you need to come up with innovative ideas, quickly refine and modify changes, analyze the results — lather, rinse, repeat.

To cut down on the learning curve for those of you who are still working on honing your own process, I have compiled a list of tools that I — and designers I work with — spend the most time with on a daily basis.

Important note: this list is not necessarily the best tools for every designer and…

When you’re designing or writing a piece of code and then decide to leave it and come back to it later (at the end of the day especially before weekend):

Write 2–3 sentences for your future self on where you left off and where you were going with it all.

I started doing this when I noticed that I waste time trying to figure out where I left off and where to continue. What were my closing thoughts at the end of previous day when I had a head filled with ideas, processes and flows? …

This article originally appeared on YourMechanic.com: Designing YourMechanic Advice

How the project came to be

When people first visit YourMechanic they mostly fall into two groups: “I know what I need — let’s book the service” or “my car is not working and I have no idea why — help!” For the second case, we searched multiple websites and forums that provide similar answers — but we just couldn’t find one reliable source of information. Most of the advice on forums was unclear or made by people with no credibility, and there were many opinions about each issue.

We quickly realized that the answers to our…

Hey friends, after receiving a big response to my last article, I have decided to write another one to address questions that were put forward to me repeatedly. “How did you learn Javascript? What are your resources? Can you recommend something?” so in this short article I will introduce you to some of the resources that will kickstart your Javascript adventure and few tips that I learned on the way that hopefully will help you have a head start and so you don’t repeat my mistakes..

A small disclaimer: I am not a Javascript expert. There’s still lots for me…

Patryk Zabielski

Senior Product Designer & Front-end Developer · Head of Design, UX @ Jerry Inc. · www.patkzbk.com · www.dribbble.com/Zabielski

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