Testing The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

Hello everyone today I’m talking about the VIX warm mist humidifier. I removed all the parts and showed you how simple it is to clean the cinema 25 ideally you should do a daily clean by wiping it down. Drying up any excess water in the water tank and bass as well as a weekly deep clean and clean up the whole humidifier of any mineral deposits and sanitize the water tank.

Important Of Vics Warm Mist Humidifier

This is especially important if you’re running a humidifier in your home every day because failure to do so can send bacteria and mold into the air and make you sick. Now that Vic’s warm mist humidifier has been cleaned thoroughly. I’ll show you how simple it is to get everything working and I’ll test it out for you. Some of the reviews I’ve read online they say that some components of the humidifier feel cheap I don’t agree with those reviews the.

Maintaining & Installing

Vix warm mist humidifier feels like a very sturdy product and if you’re maintaining it properly. the humidifier should last for years. All of the components lock into the place and if anything isn’t installed in the correct order then the humidifier will not turn on. It’s pretty easy to install however because of there only four main components to the humidifier and it’s very simple to figure out how everything goes. You can middle fire can go on a table or the floor both of them work. There are two settings low and high these settings influence the amount of sound that comes from the humidifier and the water output as well. This humidifier is not silent it’s quieter than a fan on low and occasionally it bubbles like a fish tank would but it wouldn’t ever stop me from getting asleep.

Functioning Properly

If you’re a light sleeper you probably want to check out ultrasonic humidifiers instead of warm moisture humidifiers, which are the more silent of the two. When Vic’s warm mist humidifier is turned on there’s a green nigh tlight that displays that everything is functioning properly. This only changes colors if the reset light is triggered when humidifier runs out of the water. I turned off the light for you to see what the LED night light looks like. It really isn’t that bright and if the mix warm mist humidifiers a few feet away from you probably won’t even notice it. This humidifier is a warm mist humidifier so steam is released into the air. The steam wasn’t hot enough to hurt my hand but you should look at a cool mist humidifier if you plan to put this in a child’s room.

Great Humidifier

Overall, this is a great humidifier that comes with a three-year warranty. Can last even longer than that with proper maintenance for the cost it’s one of best deals for a humidifier on the market. If you take care of your primitive fire properly each time. You refill your water tank you should get about 12 hours of output within a few minutes of turning on the humidifier it will produce steam. Feel that the air is more humid after a few hours a bit running and it will even help you sleep better it through the night relieve sinuses and help you if you have a cold. The description below there are two links one to whom it afire facts com where you can read all about the best humidifiers on the market today and the second to Amazon to see today soaps price on Vic’s warm mist humidifier