UXDI @GeneralAssembly — Day One

30 May 2016 is a significant date for me.

It marks the start of a new milestone for a career banker of over 13 years.

It was back to school, after ploughing the corporate fields for a while.

It was Day One of my User Experience Design Immersive course at General Assembly, Singapore.

Honestly, I was not completely sure of what to expect but was soon embodied by random waves of excitement, anticipation and nervousness.

The rounds of introduction by my classmates indicate that this class will be filled with a diversity of perspectives and ideas.

A good number have had some form of experience in the creative fields of media, communications, art & design.

There were also some (like myself!) who came along with rather unorthodox backgrounds. But, it was clear that we were all committed to make our time here worthwhile.

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