Why Pattrn? Designing a design studio.

Change is constant. Politically, financially and digitally this is the case now more than ever. With self-driving-cars, automation and artificial intelligence just around the corner we live in a frightening and exciting time.

Technology is changing behaviour
It’s changing how we are interacting with brands, each other and our physical worlds. It’s enabled fast moving startups to compete with the big dogs by leveling the playing field. Innovation has changed the rules, you don’t even need to own a car to operate the world’s largest taxi business.

“In 1965, the average tenure of companies on the S&P 500 was 33 years. By 1990, it was 20 years. It’s forecast to shrink to 14 years by 2026.” Source: inc.com

Customers’ expectations are changing and rising.
The bar is now higher than ever in customers expectation of service and importantly, this is sector agnostic. Your average person now expects real-time updates not only on their taxi, but also on their mortgage application or their parcel delivery. With little brand loyalty people will go elsewhere if they don’t get what they want.

Digital products are changing shape.
With voice user interface and artificial intelligence, digital interactions are now more natural and context aware. This is making the need for empathy and intuition in design more acute. Understanding people’s behaviour and understanding data has never been more relevant.

We embrace change and create value
As problem solvers we see change as an opportunity. We started Pattrn to create great customer experiences in order to help businesses differentiate, meet or create the shifting landscape. The shift is created by people navigating between services that best solve their problems. We help clients identify where they can create the most value for their customers, and how and when they can deliver it.

Our behaviour defines us
We are a studio equally proud of it’s products and culture. We look out for each other. Our first step when we formed Pattrn was defining our culture. A culture with no ego, no dickheads and an environment where together we are fearless. We’re passionate prototypers, product designers, people people and problem solvers.

We love what we do
For us the joy in product design comes from seeing your products out in the real world and making a difference with the people we’ve designed them for.

Learning and making is the best way for businesses to adapt to digital transformation and the rising bar of customer expectation. With our understanding of design thinking, people, technology and maker-craft, Pattrn believe we can continually create inspired digital products that are continually relevant and lasting.

We’ve created a studio which works with inspired people, everyday. After all, great work comes from happy people.

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