Guns don’t kill people, people kill people

I was born and grew up in a country without guns, the things that got banned were not only guns. Many of our people have ample food and clothing, they have a house to live in, but they don’t have The First Amendment. At the age when I was most curious about this world and wanted to express my ideas, I was told that a lot of words were not appropriate. Yes, I used to hate that this country would never tell you exactly what happened, only let your blind hatred, inexplicable fear, live in confusion, and die unclearly. Until the first of October, the night that the tragedy happened in Las Vegas. I was almost sleepless all night and held a cell phone praying the “number” no longer rose. Unfortunately, the number rose from two to fifty-eight. However, what we lost were not cold numbers, they were living people. I’m a journalism student, and I often write stories about crime news in the classroom, but in the United States, this is the first time I saw this shocking news after 9/11. At that moment, I suddenly felt that living was more important than freedom of speech.

Photo by Aglez the city guy from Flickr.

I’m not a supporter of any party. I’m a supporter of justice. I’m not a supporter of any media company, because I’ve mentioned “I’m not a supporter of any party” above. I’m not a gun ban adherent, there’s no doubt that guns have good uses. People won’t stop producing cars or choose not to drive because of the high traffic accident rate. I asked myself, what makes a man’s hands covered in blood? Why can’t we meet the needs of the mob? Why do people still not see the mainstream media issuing effective gun control review articles, days after the tragedy? “Oh, of course,” I said, clapping a hand to my forehead. “The gun is innocent, Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

Politicians kill people.

The media kills people.

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