Artist Gay Summer Rick’s “Skyways and Highways” Opens October 13th

“I am compelled to create. It is just something I have to do. If through my paintings I can give a quiet or joyous moment to the viewer, well, that’s golden,” said artist Gay Summer Rick, whose solo exhibition “Skyways and Highways” opens at bG Gallery on October 13th, 2018.

Window Seat to JFK, Oil on Canvas, 30x48 inches

Window Seat to JFK (a new work to be included in the exhibition) was inspired by the calm moments before landing at a busy airport. Gay said, “Looking out the window down on the city below and taking in the beauty — a sea of glowing nightlights, there is an energy that envelops you.”

The artist has been working with curator/owner of bG Gallery, Om Bleicher for the past eight years. “Over the years, Gay’s work has been subtly developing and refining. Complex architecture and layering interplay of color have become more sophisticated, and it has been enjoyable to watch her collectors grow along with her work. This new body of work is a combination of her exploration of high saturation sunset colors with subtle tonalities of her urban scenes as she directs her gaze to the skies and begins to explore air flight.”

On The Grid — Red, Oil on Canvas, 6x6 inches

Using oil paint (no toxic solvents) and palette knives to carve, scrape, and sculpt her work, Gay’s approach to art is both original and environmentally responsible. The new series focuses on air and land travel…capturing air flight above the horizon offering breathtaking views.

“It is the unexpected beauty in the urban landscape that inspires me,” said Gay, who has lived in a large city on both the east and the west coasts for the majority of her life. “There’s something about the moisture in the air where the city meets the sea…the diffusion of light that has a calming effect.” She went on to talk about an extraordinary experience. “One day, I kind of woke up. It struck me that there was so much beauty along my journey, even sitting in traffic on the freeway, circling overhead for landing, or passing by a noisy construction site. I realized that through my work, I could capture a kind of beauty in those scenes. Through the atmospheric lens, I am able to share this calm and quiet moment with the viewer.”

To The One, Oil on Canvas, 30x48 inches

Gay Summer Rick regularly exhibits in California, Hawaii, and in international and national group exhibitions where she has received numerous awards and honors. Her paintings are held in corporate and private collections around the world.

On October 13th, meet Gay Summer Rick at the opening reception for “Skyways and Highways” from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The public is invited to a 2nd artist reception on Saturday, November 10th, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. The exhibit will run through November 11th, 2018. bG Gallery is located at 3009 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, Ca 90405. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am — 6:00pm. For additional info about the show or the artist, call (310) 906–4211 or visit the website at