Some Things Are Not Unlike Mondays

This is what life looks like before Mondays.

If I walk backwards in time and place myself in a cobblestone street, on a damp not-summer-not-yet-autumn night, it’s 2006 and I’m crying. Great, it’s the third consecutive Monday that I have real tears down my cheeks. So Monday’s the day I get sad, is that how it works?

And it’s not 2006 anymore, but I still hold a grudge and dislike Mondays, this slice of the week that I characterise as annoying, almost abrasive and generally overbearing. It’s carefully marked down in a list of things I dislike, hate being too strong of a word; and it’s not the only thing in the world that makes me say…

We all have are lil’ things that trigger this Monday kind of feeling, or maybe they differ but, while there are many things I really don’t mind…


But I do mind when it’s raining outside and my feet get soaked.


I hate sitting by the window on a plane, because two seats prevent me from stretching my legs and walking to the bathroom.


Bathrooms on buses are pretty bad.


I rather not sleep than continuously wake up and check my phone, and the time, and be simultaneously confronted by the fact that I’m sleeping badly.


Don’t you hate when it looks like you’ve screwed something up, but really it’s not your fault? Better planning and we’d all do our work finely.


Everything I do to leave on time, and I still run late. This is starting to get on my nerves.


(I used to hate being super early.)


I explicitly hate tapas.


What’s the big deal with matcha tea? I don’t get it.


I hate technology, not so much as self-consciously… but the proof is I cannot master maybe technological things.


I hate things that take forever and having to arrive at a restaurant two days in advance before being served.


I’m not on good terms with my hormones, either.


I hated the movie Pearl Harbor.


Not a fan of celery. That’s an understatement.


And I don’t like hipoglucemia, my main ailment.

Placed in a different setting, Present Day San Salvador, I’m in a coffee shop and I can hear the blender prepare lattes and hear people discuss they’re 8 dollar desserts, and I hate it when I forget my headphones and can’t concentrate.