Student Paty part Deux

It was December 2010 when I decided I wanted to be in El Salvador, and also wanted to keep studying. Might as well study in El Salvador, then.

«It’s very nice to be. Might as well be in San Salvador, while you’re being.»

I did an admission exam, right before heading to the beach on a Saturday. And I had an interview, just before we talked about it La Ventana, «Cuando La Ventana era la Ventana.»

I spoke to Veterans of La Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera who cheered me on. I befriended some folks, made some pals.

Those who were close to my age were not in my class, but we chatted outside of the university and in the hallways and in the tables were people would spread out and do homework, which was never so much about reading.

San Salvador is tiny.

I had been a student for years and I was again a first year.

No more staying up late, I’m too old for that. I’ve cultivated self-respect and discipline; I can plan out my work load and rather get up early than do an all-nighter. Cheers.

I’ve also accepted the excessive alcohol in my life.

Tuesdays or Thursdays after 5:00 I’d find myself on a table swapping stories, sound advice; how about another beer?

The characters I’ve met over the course of my then-twenty-three year old life…

Later, the group varied and the bar became a club; or a round of Regias at Taberu. Or something.

Taberu served sushi, ceviche and Salvadoran beer, and I loved it.

I’ve always been an Ambassador of After Parties.

It’s Friday, I can’t get up effortlessly for my 7 AM creative writing class with Berta.

I went swimming before class once, and forgot a change of underwear. I showed up with a wet bikini under my top and jeans.

Late Tuesday classes were great for day drinking.

Oh, and do you remember the time we drank German beers before (failing) a test?

I wrote a play on the normalization of excessive, pathological drinking.

It was for that same class I failed.

When I was a full-time student, I had small projects and gigs.

Translated Renault things, marketed products en Metro Centro, helped out restaurants, taught some French and was a nanny-slave.

I made a short film and assisted other projects.

I moved to an apartment for 5 weeks and had a false sense of independence.

We called it The Reggae Apartment.

I stopped the whole constantly drinking thing, and started working.

Well, I applied a lot. Yes, I want the copywriter position.

I also want to work in Publishing projects, using all these years of communication and editing and consulting.

It was kind of stressful when I had a side gig, a full-time gig and classes at Uni.

I keep that rhythm up, except for the classes.

For three years I barely wrote original fiction, but the more I worked the more I wrote blogs, columns, recipes, anecdotes, storytelling.

September 2014 was when I got back together with my Old Writing.

For about a year and a half my Saturdays were reserved for a writing workshop.

In the middle of that I’ve-been-busy-for-years, I got sick and quit drinking.

Is it good to mention that in interviews? Because I have. You can’t count on me as your drinking buddy.

Turns out hipoglicemia is a real bummer.

Dr. Frida says it was because I was a vegetarian for 3 years, when I was a student in Bordeaux.

If I avoid deserts enough and pick at fruits and veggies between meals, then I can have a lil’ bit of beer.

Taberu doesn’t exist anymore, and La Ventana is no longer La Ventana.

Thesis stress was balanced out with fancy cervezas in Capital SV.

“Which beer do you have today?”

It’s on my way home from yoga, on my way home from the university, on the way from meetings, on the way from work; on the way to I’ll just go buy some cigarettes and some beer.

Hangover-free, let’s-get-this-over-with-kind-of-life.

It feels good to work for yourself, although I love offices and classes.

In these last 6 years of Studentness, I’ve changed my hair 20 times, gotten 2 tattoos, and gone to 12 courses/workshops.

Course #13 starts in about a week.