Legacy of 16 June 1976

Sacrifice rooted in love leaves a legacy. The only way to bring about lasting change is to live sacrificially. In fact the only way to challenge economic, political or religious power is though sacrifice. True authority comes through humble, loving sacrifice. Even if life itself is taken away, your life will continue to speak if you have lovingly sacrificed.

On 16 June 1976, many black parents sacrificed their sons and daughters, not of their own choosing, in the struggle for racial and economic justice in South Africa. Their pain has not been in vain, and we live in the benefits of their ultimate sacrifice.Let us remember their sacrifice tomorrow by thinking of how we will sacrifice in love to create a better world. I especially want to challenge all my white South African friends to do one thing tomorrow, something sacrificial, which promotes racial reconciliation. Let’s take responsibility for that which was done in the name of our race. Let’s put the wrong right. Let’s lovingly demonstrate that we believe all people have worth and are created equal.Imagine what would happen in South Africa if on public holidays like this, every year, sacrificial acts of love were performed by people with a vision for a better world.