Screw It. Today Sucks. A Year Ago, I Was Assaulted.
Ellie Guzman

Andrea Jones ‘How about, instead, we focus on the person who engaged in illegal activity, by demanding that he not, you know, *sexually assault* and *kidnap* a person who trusted him and had known him for seven years? Stop blaming victims.’

I’m not blaming the victims at all; the assaulter is the one to blame. What I’m saying is that being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs has been proven to make a person more vulnerable to attack. Why put yourself in a vulnerable position?

Dehlilia Cooper ‘ I never understood why non drug users felt the need to try to qualify someone else’s life experience to suit their own tastes. It is inconsiderate and rude… Your statement seemed a shallow attempt at empathizing while mansplaining…’

I’m not trying to qualify anybody else’s lives! As long as they’re not harming anyone else by their actions, I believe people should be able to live their lives however they want to!

And far from being ‘a shallow attempt at empathizing and mansplaining’, I didn’t have to come to Medium and write anything at all, the fact that I chose to show empathy at all shows that I’m not shallow.

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