Eddie Vedder leads worship at the World Series

One of the practices of “reading culture” that I’m studying in my grad work has got me looking for how people are searching for meaning, looking for a sense of transcendence and the Divine… a sense that there is more in the imminent than “nothing at all”.

In a secular age, religious expression (an attempt at finding meaning and transcendence) is still everywhere. It may not take the shape of organized creeds and cathedrals, but people are doing “religion” every day. People take common symbols and activities and search for a sense of deep meaning, transcendence, and community through those practices. When they find that they get a sense of a “religious high”.

I thought this was a perfect example last night with one of my faves Eddie Vedder at the World Series. So as I watch, I ask:

Why is this experience significant for so many?

How does this help them feel a sense of meaning in there own life?

What “religious high” are they getting?

If we could say that this was Eddie leading worship, what would everyone be saying behind the words they are singing? Maybe something like this:

Right now. This is important. Here with my family and friends. These men we cheer are no mere mortals. Their feats transcend my own. So I give my time, my money, my affection. I honor great one’s who have passed and those baseball saints like the one behind home plate. We’ve always been a loser. We’ve always been in baseball exile, but 2016 could be our Zion. In faith we believe we will get to that Promised Land. But this is bigger than baseball, this is who we are together. Our city, our sense of being something, our time to break the curse. Amen


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