Stop being so defensive, Paul.

We’ve all got foundational stories we believe that help us orient ourselves in the world. When others challenge those stories and the way we see the world, the disorienting feeling causes some of our survival instincts to kick in.
In my observation, the way many people attempt to defend against disorientation is through anger first.
 I’m trying lately to be self aware enough to know that when the way I see the world is challenged my initial inclination to bite back in defense is normal but doesn’t need to be given a voice.
Because if this perspective is false, a calm and rationale attempt to understand it isn’t going to threaten my survival. If the perspective is true, I don’t want to be clinging to idols that I’ve falsely believed I’ve needed to survive. 
Then in love for my brother and sister I can engage with them about meaningful ideas knowing that their perspectives are just as essential to their ability to orient themselves in the world as mine. So my primary goal becomes to help them orient well and true, not to primarily deconstruct and disorient.

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