Bad design is everywhere!

Finding my seat in the Student’s House of Culture — Cluj-Napoca — First time there.

Sunday night. Me and a few close friends went to see a Standup Comedy show, performed by our favorite comedians. We had tickets for Sector D, Seat 71 to 75. We didn’t actually knew that the show would be sold out and finding our seats would prove to be a funny experience, because close to 800 people were starting to pile up at the theater entrance.

Adventure Time …

Interior view of the room with the main direction flows. Green Up, Yellow down.

As you can see there is noting out of the ordinary, it’s a standard theater like room and finding ones seat should be easy. Actually it is, but only if you are one of the “cool kids” — yellow line — who managed to get some tickets in the front rows. As for the green ones, well sucks to be you! And let me tell you why.

Location of the seat number.

The seat number is on the back of the seat. The entrance is in the middle which splits the people flow in two, upwards — green — and downwards — yellow.

For the bottom half part of the theater the numbering might be ok, because as people go in (yellow) they can easily scan the back of the seats and find their assigned place. If you go up on the other hand (green) you can’t see the back of the seat, because that’s how it works when you go up towards something. Now, imagine at least 300 people trying to get on the top section of the theater, one by one, each turning their heads to the left/right side and bending to see what’s on the back of the seat, all this while being close one to another. At some points, I shit you not, it was like a scene ripped straight out of “The Human centipede” movie. IT WAS NOT COOL BRO! NOT COOL!

Fixing this is so easy if someone would care enough. Why not add the Sector and the seat range at the bottom of the stairs — D7 — or on the lead seat? It has been done before and IT FUCKING WORKS! Don’t be lazy. Put yourself in the user shoes for one moment to see if what you designed can actually be used with ease.

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