Are You Ready for Another Round of Mass Exterminations?
Ugo Bardi

Not a peep about the NWO ‘One World Gulag’ planned for us by the Neocons and Banksters. Not a peep about the ‘False Flag’ atrocities perpetrated in almost all cases to allow the Perps to unleash wars with our misguided agreement.

Democracy? To have a functioning democracy, it is necessary to have a free, unfettered media. But our media is controlled by the same Neocons and Banksters, and shamelessly pump out their propaganda.

Search ‘Operation Gladio’; the ‘Gulf of Tonkin LIE’; read ‘Day of Deceit’ by Robert B. Stinnett; ‘Operation Cyanide’ by Peter Hounam; search ‘Operation Northwoods’; check out ‘Human Culling’ and the Georgia Guidestones; look into 9/11 and 7/7 with an open mind.

And learn that not a day has passed since the start of WWI that British forces have not been in action somewhere around the world, often completely unknown to the average Joe, because it has not been reported (‘History Thieves’ by Ian Cobain).

And look at the GMO’s, pesticides, Chemtrails/Weather Warfare, mass bird and fish die-offs; the almost completely overlooked problem of microwave radiation (mobile phones, WiFi, ‘Smart Meters’) which not only cause cancers in humans, they also are a major contributor to bee and other insect die-offs.

And then we have Fracking! Every fracking well will leak at some stage (one in Scotland has already leaked, after a very short period of being drilled), and when they leak, they contaminate the water table. End of; it can’t be ‘decontaminated’.

If someone tries to alert others to the facts, they are dismissed as a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’, and the ostriches continue in their blissful ignorance.

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