The Secret to a Consistent Social Media

A successful company is consistent with all their operations. From management, production to payroll, the company ensures that every operation works as efficiently as it did the last month. The same goes for a brand’s social media marketing. You wouldn’t forget to pay your employees each week? Well you shouldn’t forget to pay your social accounts time either. You always need a consistent social media presence.

Automate to be consistent!

The best way to be consistent social media is to automate your posting. By committing 30 minutes a day, you can curate and schedule content to be posted on your social media accounts. Now this isn’t a fire and forget system, but it is a great base for you to build off. By automating, you can cover the minimum content required to keep your accounts active, healthy and growing. There are a multitude of tools that can help you do this. Listed below are the three tools that I use in both a personal and professional capacity.

  • Buffer
  • Feedly
  • Tweetdeck


Buffer is the mainstay tool that I use for scheduling consistent content. This simple tool, allows you to create, schedule, and analyze your social accounts. Once installed, Buffer will give you a browser extension that allows you to share any page that you are on. It will take any posts that you have scheduled and place them in a queue and send them out based on the next time slot that you have preconfigured. Additionally there are analytics on your tweets which will help you to determine what your audience loves through engagement and reach statistics, out of the content that you share as well as the best times of the day to post. I use Buffer on a daily basis, and I place high value on its scheduling service as well as the browser plugin. Buffer can publish content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and has a limited usability with Instagram. This wide range of support for multiple platforms gives you a centralized place for managing your social media and keeping you consistent.


Feedly is and excellent content aggregation tool. Feedly is a RSS reader, which conveniently organises blogs and articles into an easy to read format. You can segment this content by topic to better help you find the content that you need for your social profiles. For example, I’ve set up my Feedly to provide me content on the topics of Marketing, Social Media, Tech and Startups. This provides me with the newest articles from top publishers on a daily basis along these topic categories.. As many of you know, some of the most time consuming aspects of operating a consistent social media account has to do with finding content worthy of sharing with your followers. From using Feedly so frequently, it has now become my top news source, even over social.


TweetDeck is a great listening and scheduling tool for Twitter only. Twitter itself owns the tool which means that it interacts seamlessly with your profiles. It allows you to monitor and manage your Twitter feeds with powerful filters to focus on what matters to you. You can create columns to organize your Twitter activity in a various manner of ways. The columns can display a feed from a profile list you’ve created, to a particular hashtag, to certain terms. For example, during the Olympics, I created a column that tracked all posts with #RIO2016 hashtag and a column searching for posts with the words “Irish” & “Olympics” included. This gave me an updated stream of content. Additionally, TweetDeck allows you to schedule tweets and stay up to date with notification alerts for your accounts. TweetDeck also features an automatic link shortening service akin to In my opinion, TweetDeck is great for social listening but its scheduling isn’t the most the intuitive system, in comparison to Buffer, but I still would be lost without its listening capability.

Key Points on Consistent Social Media Automation

Automation is incredibly helpful in keeping your accounts consistent, healthy and active, especially when you do not have the time to actively manage your profiles on a daily basis. That said, automation is not the be all and end all of social. You cannot rely fully on automation, and a brand with 100% automated posts looks robotic and cold. By supplementing your regular organic posts with automated it will allow you to convey a human looking social media presence that is consistent and engaging. The goal of automation is not to remove work entirely but rather to help you work more efficiently.

What tools do you use?

Now it’s your turn. What Social tools do you use to manage and update your Social accounts? What apps do your favorite influencers use? Are you consistent with your content? Share your thoughts on these and other tools in the comments!

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