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Anthony De Rosa

What Phone Are You Using?

I use a Samsung Galaxy 4. Every page loads in less than two seconds on it. I have no idea what everyone is crowing about with load time.

Eight seconds to load a page on mobile? Unheard of. Even the shittiest smart phone on earth loads a page faster than that.

But get this — the latest mobile iteration of Twitter allows you to open a link without leaving the Twitter app. This is what these guys want to do with FB.

You know what the worst part about this is? Nothing else that is hyperlinked inside Twitter stays inside Twitter. Sure, the initial page you click on opens up in there, but if I click anything else inside of it, it opens up Chrome by default. Then, I have two apps open instead of one.

Publishing content inside an app means the app needs to act like a browser. Facebook is not a browser, nor is Twitter. That seems to be a big issue.

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