Creative process

Paul Cathalifaud
Dec 27, 2018 · 3 min read

1. Defining the problem

I usually start by getting accustomed to the product identity and brand guidelines, then I define along with the client the product itself, personas, user pain-points, user’s [desired] journey, a visual style and features to be included (at the initial release or later) in order to create a “future” proof app.

Very often there’s no product at all, that’s when clients come to me with ideas of what they would like to see in their apps; for visual style guidance Pinterest boards come handy:

Shared Pinterest board for Core Wellness

2. Wireframing ideas

Once we are set on the problem we are trying to solve and define the audience to reach, I start wireframing concepts and user journeys for a possible solution.

3. Mockup, iterate, repeat.

After we have opted for one of the solutions, I begin designing the first mockups. After getting feedback, I update the interface until we are all satisfied with the result.

Once we are set on a style, I start replicating the visual elements throughout the user interface, along with creating an icon set if necessary:

High-fidelity mockups for Sharezie

5. Low fidelity prototype for user testing

Using Sketch or Invision I prototype simple animations and transitions that allow us to test our idea, internally or with real users. The information we collect will help us learn how to provide a more effective solution.

Screenshot of user flow for Core Wellness

6. High fidelity prototyping and micro-interactions

Once we applied what we learned to our design, I assemble accurate interactive prototypes, that’ll help stakeholders and developers better understand our proposal.

Functional high fidelity prototype for Sharezie
Interactive Prototype to help developers understand how elements should behave
Micro-interactions for Sharezie to guide users

Paul Cathalifaud

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I design, travel and have fun whenever I can, sometimes all the same time.

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