I‘ll turn your ugly presentation into a professional eye-catching pitch.

And maybe design your app?…

Dec 19, 2018 · 7 min read

Let’s be straightforward: you’re a great business person, but an awful designer.

Well, then delegate. Together we can make great things happen, like building your brand identity:

I’ll hypnotize your audience (not literally), with original artwork:

More color? You got it

Original iconography? no problema ;-)

Oh, you mean drawings…

Animations you say? Okay

Maybe you just want your 1998 PowerPoint updated

Or you just know what to say, but don’t know how

Either way, I’m here to help you

— and your audience —

Even when all you want is literally photos and text

…“ I want to show enterprise/buildings as disconnected-non matching puzzle pieces with a developer in the center”…

Wait… Did I mention the original artwork?

The one you’ll be able to reuse (maybe on your website?) since it is 100% vectors.

Of course, you could always go for the template you found online. Or you could contact me and ask for authentic human-friendly graphs

Check out one of my presentations in action!

Want to see me work?

You might be wondering how long for your Keynote/PowerPoint to look this gorgeous.

It all depends on the number of slides you need to be designed. But usually just 3–4 days for an elevator pitch.

Mencioné que también hablo español?

Soy Chileno 🇨🇱

What else can I build? Based on what I´ve learned, a whole lot.

I’ve composed logos like these:

I can design and prototype products, like this one:

Product and Interaction design for Sharezie by Paul Cathalifaud; built using Principle.

Sharezie pinpoints the user’s need to share moments with a close group of friends automatically and in real time, all without diving into a complex user journey. Not only that, thanks to artificial intelligence, these images get filtered to highlight the better shots, against those unsteady blurry ones.

Amazing stuff, but, how can we convince users to opt for a 3rd party photo manager and sharing tool over their smartphone’s default image gallery app?

I realized Sharezie was acting like Editor in chief in a magazine, so we decided to showcase the everyday photo, in the same way, a magazine does. We had to make everything about the photos, and little about the interface. I designed an environment where all of our regular, non-professional pictures looked and felt more emotive and immersive than ever. This resulted in a gallery where those “not so social media worthy” images suddenly have a place to thrive.

Gotta love visual interactions.

Actually, I’ve shipped interfaces to more than 200 million devices.

With almost 90 million installs, PicsArt’s monthly active users number was reaching a plateau, in response, the board’s strategy decided to seek international expansion. For that to happen it was first needed to translate the interface for everyday users in other markets. A jammed interface crafted by engineers, who did an amazing job, by the way.

Some of the numerous Interfaces I designed for PicsArt

Over the course of 4 years, I focused on creating over 6 different user-centric versions of the app. As a result of continuous testing, several visual elements and features of these iterations made it to user’s hands, contributing to the 5x increase in installs by 2017. Surpassing 900 million photos edited with PicsArt monthly.

And I came up with a whole set of icons, for a really good reason.

Some of the icons I made for PicsArt

Alarmed by the number of users dropout that occurred within PicsArt’s photo editor, we decided to analyze the possible causes, and in the process, we learned a growing number of confused and overwhelmed users were giving up as a result of a cluttered, outdated interface. The solution seemed evident: a full redesign was needed, but re-structuring something as big as PicsArt requires a lot of development resources and capabilities that simply didn’t fit within the given timeframe.

So we decided to start smaller, to disguise visual noise with simplicity, making the interface easier and clearer to the user’s eye. I designed visual cues to improve overall navigation a relabeled a few buttons, defining PicsArt’s first icon family. It required drawing almost 700 elements, so that our target audience could perceive them as insightful symbols. As a way of reaching our intended demographics we got rid of sharp edges, associating the icon’s visual appearance to a friendlier emotion, the “bouba/kiki effect”, first observed by German-American psychologist Wolfgang Köhler in 1929.

I’ve collaborated with hardware innovators, at Core Wellness.

I was seduced by the challenge to break into the already crowded market of meditation, this time, as a companion app for a hardware consumable designed to teach users how to meditate. With the help of an electrocardiogram and haptic feedback, Core intends to create habits, engaging users with science and somatosensation (sense of touch); it’s like another level of meditation.

The dilemma was how to make this complex concept something easy to comprehend by anyone, furthermore, reducing friction in the journey, since users had to constantly switch back and forth between devices (Smartphone and Core) to begin a meditation session, along with the constant distractions a messy interface carry. A paradox really, guiding users to live in the moment, while numerous visual elements beg for their attention. The solution involved the creation of a minimalist navigation using simplified information architecture, as well as, engineering ways to control the app using nothing but Core (hardware) to manage the app.

Enough blah-blah… Want to work with me?


More info?

Check out my Linked-In or Dribbble profile for more designs.

Paul Cathalifaud

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I design, travel and have fun whenever I can, sometimes all the same time.

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