#100daysofcode — no more?

I’m done with #100daysofcode.

Well no, not exactly done…

I will continue with my efforts to improve my skillset and understanding of frontend development, it’s what I do. I do however wonder how many people undertaking such a challenge do so when they do not already hold a development position?

When you’ve spent the day debugging issues to see why Firefox is doing something crazy with your CSS, or trying to figure out which part of your VB code is having a problem dealing with NULL values — sitting down at night to go through some fundamentals of Javascript can be seen falling into second place behind disengage brain.

I’ve already forced myself to learn new topics and improve my existing knowledge, but trying to force a schedule upon it seems to have had a negative outcome for me.

I’d read a post on FreeCodeCamp about the P1xt Guides and decided to look into it a bit more, in an effort to seek out a more guided approach to learning.

As the photo above may suggest, I decided to get some of the Kyle Simpson You Don’t Know JS (YDKJS) books and began to follow the ‘Web Development with Computer Science Foundations — comprehensive’ guide from P1xt.

I’d read some of the first YDKJS book online, but when it comes to content like this — I’m Old Skool, I need a printed version that I can read away from the screen. I like to fold pages, colour in sections with a highlighter or add post-it note bookmarks to the various sections I may want to return to.

This Old Skool approach also seems to be the case with the wider learning picture. I’m not a fan of the do-as-little-as-possible-as-quickly-as-possible approach, it’s not who I am, or how I operate. This is why #100daysofcode doesn’t work for me — 100 hours over 100 days just isn’t ‘right’.

The P1xt guide has also made me realise that part of what I wanted to get from my #100daysofcode was a better, more in-depth understanding of what I know — Web Design.

So I have decided on a different course of action and shall now be working on a series of projects to let me get that bit better at the sort of things I do already. Web Dev with CS shall now become a more long term side project for learning new skills and at greater depth.

I plan on tracking how long it takes to hit 100 days, but I shall not be trying to cram them in sequentially. I’ll also be following some of the other ideas/approaches from the P1xt FAQs.