What I do: On Gordian Knots, Customer Engagement, and Swords

This is a promotional post. Profile sections are limiting, ugly, and don’t do much to accurately describe what a person does and who they are. This is my attempt to fix that.

What I Do

I ‘m a customer experience guy. It’s all about the customer, your customer.

You might call them “customers,” “guests,” “clients,” or “patrons.” Everything I do builds better paths between you and them.

I use content and/or technology to bridge the chasm between you. I may support that content with additional methods or strategies as required.

Whether you operate B2C or B2B, I’m here to help. I promote engagement. I build relationships.

I solve problems, your problems.

How I Do It

I despise complexity. Complexity breeds confusion. Complexity promotes miscommunication. Complexity pisses customers off.

I simplify. I take things down a notch or three. I have a knack for putting complex issues in simple, easy to understand terms.

I don’t rest until I can explain it to a ten-year-old.

Your clients are on a winding, ever-changing path. I apply my 30+ years of experience to the ever-changing landscape. That might sound strange. How can experience be valuable in an ever-changing environment?

Because the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Your goals are the most important consideration and underlying business goals really haven’t changed.

Why it Matters

Business goals haven’t changed much since the first caveman traded a leg of deer for a place closer to the fire.

How we measure them has changed a ton.

How to reach our customers has changed even more.

Your customer is one a journey. It starts with the initial twinkle in the eye. It goes all the way through to the final buy. That journey is in constant flux.

You need to keep the customer engaged on every step along an ever changing path. You need to be marching right along with them.

I help you do that.

I help you achieve superior customer engagement. I give you the tools to keep building that better path. The path is both simplified and rendered infinitely more complex by technology.

Therein lies the paradox, the Gordian Knot of Complexity. As I said, I despise complexity.

Think of yourself as Alexander The Great.

Think of me as Alexander’s Sword.

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About the Author: Paul Croubalian is a problem-solving artist who uses both Words and Technology as his mediums. Paul often wonders if he is a tech-savvy writer or a writing-savvy technologist.

Maybe he’s both.

Paul hates to talk about himself in the third person as much as he hates the “Walter T. Freed Manual of Style.” You may know it better by its initials, “WTF!”

Help me stamp out WTF writing!

If you engage in content marketing and aren’t convinced it’s working as well as it should. Give me a shout. I’ll give you my honest, no-holds-barred opinion.