The EyeEm Awards 2017

I was humbled to have made it to the finals of the Architect category of the 2017 EyeEm Awards, so what better excuse to spend the weekend in Berlin than to actually attend the awards!

Having spent the Saturday daytime exploring some of the architecture sites in Berlin (check out my Instagram page for photos), we headed to the awards show at the impressive RadialsystemV building to check out the exhibition of all the finalist’s work.

My photo is located top left on the second panel

Seeing all the amazing photographs submitted was great! For my work to be shown alongside them was a fantastic feeling and has really given me a confidence boost and a belief in the work that I produce.

It wasn't until I sat down for the presentations that I actually thought about the possibility of winning the category and started to get really nervous! The tension only built as they presented all of the finalists on the big screen.

The video showing all of the work of the Architect finalists. They managed to get my surname correct!!

Although I didn't win it was great to be a part of the evening and to have made it all the way to the finals. All of the winners are truly well deserved and I highly recommend you take time to view their incredible work here.

I haven taken great inspiration from the whole experience and come away with some excellent advice on Street Photography from the super friendly and talented Daniel Arnold (I also need to buy the Contax G2 35mm having seen his closeup!), and an exciitng lead with an emerging photo agency which I hope to be posting more about in the future.

But above all I have learned that although the winning images are all brilliant as standalone images, their strength really shines through when viewed in context of the whole series. A solid narrative running through the series is obvious in the work of all the winners and is something I will strive toward introducing in to my work.