There’s nothing we can do until 2018.
Our country is changing, and there’s nothing we can do about it
Ben Wolford

I agree that the harm to our country, to its ideals, and to the human beings we had committed to support before Jan 20, 2017 is ongoing and probably can’t be stopped.

I disagree, however, that “there’s nothing we can do.”

There is a lot we can do, if we organize. There’s not just the time-honored “write and call your representatives” (which is unlikely to achieve much in this Congress, but may help) but there is also direct action against those who are betraying the common values of decency and compassion: occupying offices, boycotts and general strikes. And there is the fundamental civil disobedience of rejecting this EO: sheltering and supporting people who are already in this country and facing revoked or non-renewed visas.

Discouragement, even despair is natural. And it’s important to allow yourself to feel it. False self-confidence will get us nowhere.

Just don’t say “nothing” if what you mean is “nothing that’s easy or guaranteed to work.”

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