You keep claiming it, but that amounts to claiming that unicorns are real unless you show it, which you don’t.
I was very clear.
Svetlana Voreskova

The assertion that blacks in America face no systemic obstacles amounts to a pretty extraordinary claim which should require extraordinary proof. In a normal debate (which this isn’t; you’ve already littered the floor with enough rhetorical fallacies to choke an Aristotle), the burden of proof would be on you.

I’m virtually certain that you’d reject even the most deeply-researched and documented evidence for systemic racism in the United States. and I have better things to do in my life than “trying to teach a pig to sing.” For any open-minded readers who have bothered to follow the comment thread this far, though, following are some sources of information:

On public opinion of race and racism in America:

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On biased media coverage regarding race, poverty, and crime:

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On the effects of racist media coverage on American beliefs:

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On the death penalty as racist:

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On police brutality:

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On racism in traffic stops and drug arrests/incarceration:

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On the relationship between poverty, crime, and violence:

Marcus Berzofsky, “Household Poverty and Nonfatal Violent Victimization, 2008–2012,” Bureau of Justice Statistics, November 18, 2014,

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