This is not, actually, good news.

Setting aside—for the moment—the fact that Trump was the one who picked this fight, the prospect of the intelligence community (IC) “go[ing] nuclear” on a sitting president is not one that should warm anybody’s heart. As much as I want to see Trump relegated to the fringe where he belongs, it sets an ugly precedent for the so-called “deep state” to have veto power over an election (even one as fraught as this one was).

It could be that all they mean is that there will be more leaks, and one can hope that they will include documentation in the future rather than the mere hearsay we have gotten to date. Even if so, leaking as a consistent strategy against government secrecy is problematic at best, and my hope is that one of the elements of any democratic restoration will include a more formalized system for leaking evidence of illegality/unconstitutionality and stronger protection for whistleblowers.

Regardless of who started it, this is a troublesome development. A deep state that can “go nuclear” on one President can do so against any President. And that’s a problem.