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Wait… you think that’s a “gotcha?” That somehow we are talking about reparations for African Americans without mentioning that they are African Americans? That’s… that’s a rather impressively obvious stratagem. Here, you may need to start with freshman-level trolling:

Of course we are talking about African Americans. They are the people who have been impacted by structural racism for 500 years. Please don’t tell me you are trying to play the “talking about racism is racism” card.

The point – which I don’t think you missed, despite the transparent gambit – is that reparations are due the entire class because they’ve been oppressed as a class, not because of some inherent quality of melanin or something.

I get that you disagree with the reality of anti-black oppression, and I suspect it’s as resistant to factual debate as belief in the Virgin Birth or the superiority of Kobe Bryant. But let’s at least differentiate between substantive disagreements and sophistry.

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