Sigh. I do too, on days when I’m being realistic.
Brandon Anderson

I strongly agree here. I guess I’m willing to listen to the “trade the pick” scenario, but if Wolves don’t get top 3 pick, what really could the#6 pick get the Wolves in terms of a trade? Especially that could not be had as a free agent? Given with Pekovic medical exception, where the Wolves would have $35M in cap space.

Onto Isaac…

I actually love Isaac for us. He doesn’t need the ball a lot — and played well in a supporting role — off ball cutting to spot of up 3. Good on all aspects of defense from point of attack D to post D (obviously vs certain strength levels — albeit, in practice he practices against the 2nd biggest guy in NCAA Div I in Ojo (7'1" 300), and another top 5 big guy (7'4" Koumadje) — maybe plays out — didn’t really see any other big guys to test the theory he can’t guard bigs that size — albeit, they lack much of a post game.

Per free agent targets — I love Patrick Patterson for the Wolves, even if they drafted Isaac — and think he would be a great fit for what we do. Slide Gorgui back to 2nd team.

In order, what would Wolves draft target fits be?

I’m honestly very tempted to have Isaac right behind Fultz…although Dennis Smith intrigues. Ball — maybe, though I’m not sold on him as a starting PG at any point. Shaun Livingston with a 3pot spot up shot.

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