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Photo By Paul Brookes

early autumn gusts eyes front
shoves shy summer to one side
summer harrumphs with sunblaze.

Early masses grey cloudbanks
apologizes for wait blocks
sunblaze intermittently.

Autumn, summer invented
names for changes in weather
nature shoves to one side.

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photo by paul brookes

Like Actuallylife

Actuallyborn to this actualworld

this actuallyearth I actuallylearn

in school, actuallymeet a lass

who says she is actuallyready

to be actuallywed, so we actuallymarry

after three months of actualcourting.

She actuallybears our first kid

after six months whilst I actuallywork

in actualemplyment actuallyexpected

actualpromotion to actualmanager

so we actuallybuy our first actualhome,

actuallyfurnitured it, after actualdecorating.

I have an actualallottment where I actuallygrow

actualcarrots, potatoes and cabbages.

She actuallydies after seven years actualfighting

lung cancer. I never actuallyremarry.

Actuallybring up our second child,

acuallytell her smart stories of our actuallives.

The Likelife

Likeborn to this likeworld

this likeearth I…

The Headpoke And Firewedding front cover
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A World Where front cover

Two covers to my second and third poetry chapbooks released on Amazon a couple of days ago. The photographs are mine. One of my editors dislikes the term “chapbook” and prefers the term “EP”, and I must agree seeing these two as album covers makes me psyched and stoked.

I remember saving up for then opening out “Space Ritual” by Hawkwind and being blown away investigating the psychedelic contents of the fold out packaging. Similarly the unfold of “Dark Side Of The Moon” by Pink Floyd. A simple design but engrossing.

Here are the links to my new books. I would love them to be in your eyes and to hear what you think of them.

The Headpoke And Firewedding

A World Where

Look forward to your comments


Paul Brookes

Writer, historian,fam & loc., shop assist., security guard, postman, admin. assistant, photographer, lecturer, performer with "Rats for Love". Counter intuitive

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