It Only Takes a Minute……

Paul Duxbury
Sep 13, 2018 · 2 min read

“It only takes a minute….” is part of a lyric that will be familiar to those who were fans of a certain pop group. However in this instance I am not suggesting that we fall in love, but that HR or Recruitment take the minute needed to add a valuable piece of information to a job posting or advertisement.

A few days ago I saw a role advertised that appeared to match my skill set and therefore set about tweaking my CV to ensure the right things were emphasised. I then spent some time composing a Cover Letter to address the specifics that the organisation had highlighted in their job posting. Following that activity I then discovered that they wanted me to register with their ATS which as many will be all too familiar with can be a laborious process and includes verifying email addresses, completing details that are already included in the CV etc. etc. Total time expended about two and a half hours.

I should also mention that they required me to included the details of my current salary and my salary expectations. Given that the role requirements seemed to be in line with my skill set and the sort of activities I have undertaken in recent roles there was a reasonable match between what I entered as my current salary and my salary expectations. I should mention that the advertisement carried no details of salary although it did have a long list of what they expected from applicants!

Having reviewed my CV and Cover Letter, uploaded them to the ATS I then clicked the “Submit Application” button. Given some of the recent posts I have read from others about their poor candidate experience, and to some extent my own experiences, my expectations were not high in terms of getting a response even though the organisation in question will be quite well known.

Imagine my suprise when within 7 (yes seven!) minutes of clicking the “submit application” button I received a response! It was a standard rejection email which encouraged me to continue to monitor their website for other relevant opportunities.

I may be doing the organisation a disservice and there really was a Hiring Manager sat waiting for applications to come through and they eagerly read each cover letter and two page CV as they came through, scoring them against the requirements of the role etc. However, in the space of seven minutes I suspect that it was something as simple as my salary expectations being higher than the amount they knew they were prepared to pay for the role!

Why do organisations persist in doing this? They know how much they are prepared to pay for a role so advertise it and stop wasting the time of your potential candidates (and customers) who are looking for a higher salary.

It really does only take a minute to add that small detail to a job advertisment and who knows you might find that we do fall in love with your organisation!

Paul Duxbury

Written by

Paul Duxbury is a proactive Learning and Development Manager & Business Partner | Drives L&D Strategy to Facilitate Business Results | Opinions & views my own!

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