How Hillary Clinton Saves Her Soul — And the World

What she can do to ensure Trump loses now that she’s the nominee.

This is not the best America has to offer. It can’t be.

Hillary Clinton has solidified her position as the first female candidate for President of the United States in a major political party. It’s quite a feat regardless of how you feel about her. Congratulations to Hillary and everything she has accomplished over her long career — now it’s time for her to bow out. 
Now, before you stop reading and rail against this notion — saying how she’s the most qualified candidate ever or how big an accomplishment this is for women or how it’s her turn — bear in mind that she loses to Donald Trump according to the most respected — and predictably correct — pollster’s latest numbers. This is important.

It’s her turn to act like a leader
Hillary has already made Herstory. And now it’s time for her to make some more. Clinton has a unique opportunity to show the grace and forethought her supporters believe she has. She can show the power-hungry patriarchy what a natural-born leader she is by stepping aside to let the surefire winner run against Trump.

I’m talking, of course, about Bernie Sanders, the former presidential candidate who despite DNC collusion against him, garnered 45% of the pledged delegates. This is in spite of the thousands of voters who were turned away, purged or disenfranchised by the DNC in their war on Bernie. It’s even in spite of the DNC raising $353,000 per person at events — supposedly for down ticket Democrats — that was all funneled back into Hillary Clinton’s war chest as part of the massive campaign fraud it took to keep pace with Bernie’s enthusiastic, average citizen backers.

Hillary has a chance to put the country first and prove once and for all that she is a selfless public servant with our best interests at heart. She can at once distance herself from the corporatism and profit so many associate her with, while endearing herself to the hearts of Americans everywhere. She has the power to stop Trump simply by being the “bigger woman” and doing the right thing. 
It’s her turn to be a role model for young women everywhere
If Hillary wants to leave a legacy for young women, it shouldn’t be one of corruption, fraud, collusion and the rise of Donald Trump — it should be one of leadership, strength, vision and the greater good; of putting the country, its people and public welfare first — like she has always claimed to do. It’s time for Hillary Clinton to finally stand up, step down and become who she tells us she is: an exemplary American and true class act who our daughters can look up to in respect, not back on with disgust.

Herstory, progress and our future generations are watching and waiting — don’t let your ego or Trump get in the way, Ms. Clinton. Recuse yourself from this election and give Bernie the nod because he beats Trump — you do not.