Cobble & Trouble is a first-person action game. You, as a witch, can use magical, telekinetic powers to create chaos, fend-off enemies, and craft an army of golems that fight for you. Each object has properties that will directly influence the golem, or add magic powers. Combine them, plan your defences and shoot at anything that tries to touch your forge!

As an apprentice witch, you are tasked to watch the Forge of your Master, a whimsical place of chaos and power. Everything is going well when suddenly, a hord of ice creatures break the door and try to…

Coble and Trouble: the fiery yet rusty creations of a witch against an unrelenting enemy is an action first-person shooter game which let you take objects from the environment to build magical creation which will fight with you.

Initial intent

We bring Personas early in the process creation with the intent:

  • To help decision making

« What would Gerard like? »

  • To understand how niche the game would be

« Our game is more for Justine which represent way less players »

  • To represent better the players on our production team

« Emma would not like this piece, how could we design…

Odd Waters is a student game build with 5 others student at ENJMIN (French video game master’s degree): one producer, one programmer, one game designer, one 2d/3d artist, one composer and me, a UX designer/User Researcher.

Paul Eyheramouno

Game UX student — Looking for an internship —

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