The Career Magic of being Highly Organised

One of the key things that has helped me in a long and successful business career is using Information Technology to help me become highly organised.

Whether this is projects, tasks or years of curated information I have captured it is all available to me almost instantaneously on any of my devices.

Information sources include emails, web pages, meetings, eBooks, blog posts, twitter, github, scanned paper information and many others.

The tools and techniques I use would benefit anyone in any profession or industry and is not just focussed on IT.

I have evolved frictionless workflows that makes this easy to do no matter where I am or what device I am using. I will shortly be introducing an additional Windows PC and will be integrating this into my ecosystem.

Without the benefit of a photographic memory the tools and processes I have evolved over many years has enabled me to become very productive and quickly switch between multiple projects or areas of research that interest me. It has enabled me to Get Things Done in a stress free, timely, and efficient manner throughout my career.

With the wonders of Dropbox and iCloud syncing and the availability of the same app on my iMac, Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone. I have a heterogeneous ecosystem that allows me to capture, process, store and recall information, and transform to projects and tasks where relevant, with a flew clicks or screen touches. This is done once on any device and automatically synchronises with all the others. It really is productivity Nirvana!

I am constantly improving my processes and tools but these days it is more of an evolution than a revolution in the things I am using and doing.

To become a full stack developer, which is my current passion, I will need to grow and use a vast disparate skill set which would be impossible for me without my organisational workflows.

I’m happy to share how I do this and the tools and workflows I use if my readers are interested.

Please respond with a tweet to this article or leave a comment and I’ll do a series of posts on this topic.

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