Apple Notes is the most innovative thing Apple did in the last two years
Matt Haughey

While I agree that the current notes app is a huge improvement over past versions it has the same problem as Evernote in that your notes are in a proprietary format.

While there are export tools if you ever want to change ecosystems these are often clumsy and don’t work perfectly 1st time (from my own personal experience with changing from Evernote).

I do all my writing in Markdown now which is basically plain text that can be transformed into anything I want, e.g. HTML, a PDF, a Word Doc etc when I need to.

My repository and tool of choice is .

Ulysses is excellent across Mac, iPhone and iPad and iCloud synching has been fast and flawless.

I use it for everything from a quick note, to a blog post, and also the novel I’m currently writing.

A big advantage in the latest version is that you can publish straight to WordPress and Medium. I have a workflow that tags a post as “draft” while I am composing and researching it and then changes to “published” when I publish it.

There is a slight learning curve for Ulysses but it has been well worth it from my experience.

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