DONALD TRUMP WILL CAPITALIZE ON HIS ELECTION DEFEAT TO BUILD A MOVEMENT AS POWERFUL AS EITHER EXISTING PARTY. His strategy has been from the day in 2015 when he launched the birther attack on President Obama to test the power of the Trump brand in national politics. In this campaign he could have at several points modified his rhetoric in order to broaden the appeal of his campaign. But that would have required him to dilute the cohesion of the Trump brand. Above all his commitment is to strengthening and preserve the integrity of the brand. The brand has produced great returns in real estate and product licensing. This is the test of

THE TRUMP BRAND will expand its power in national politics regardless if Donald Trump loses the national election. If he loses you can believe he will now capitalize on the demonstrated power of the brand in electoral politics, the millions of voters loyal to the Trump brand rather than its particular agenda . He will organize a national movement loyal to the brand to influence national policy, a movement outside the framework of either traditional party but equal to either in influence. The brand will continue to be a power even if the 71 year old foregoes any further campaigning. You think this is totally fanciful? Did you believe when he launched his presidential campaign in mid June 2015, virtually unnoticed, that he would come this far? Thus don’t count on the national election on November 8 to dispatch Trump from the national scene. The Trump brand has established a toehold in national politics and will continue indefinitely to make its voice heard.

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