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My most disappointing years for movies was all of the refurbished, rebooting, cash cows such as: Footloose, Ghostbusters, Evil Dead, Poltergeist, etc… It absolutely showed the desperation of producers for easy money. Other bad years were all of the continuously watered down sequels, such as; Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc… By the time the new millennium rolled around, it was no longer about the superheros and the storyline as much as it was about which actor played the role better. Again, it was refurbishing for easy cash.

Turning movies into tv series and tv series into movies… It’s all crashing and burning before it even leaves theaters.. And rightfully so.

What we have today and what seems to be offered for the future is the lack of NEW creative material. The industry is drowning in their own failure.

New talented and very creative writers are born every day. But, they are not given the opportunity to shine because refurbishing and rebooting old greats is a much easier way to fill bank accounts.

And too watch movies as a work of art, writing, acting, dialog, etc… And yes, some movies such as Titanic could have been better — with more drama and action and less on the love triangles, and sappy scenarios, But, at the time it was released… It was NEW! People love new material. We’re tired of rehashing the old greats. Leave them where we left them… In the past!

Want to write a close to similar character or story line?, go for it… But don’t take the same scripts and rebuild it and claim it to be new. Because it’s not new, it’s refurbished! And water-logging old characters is getting just as boring.

I have said for years that the unsung writers in the world need and deserve some kind of recognition reality tv contests that would give them a chance in the industry.

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