David Frum, Nicolle Wallace, J.D. Vance, Ana Navarro, Charlie Sykes, Jennifer Rubin, Michael Gerson, Steve Schmidt….
A Proposal to Start a Responsible, Reliable, Reasonable Conservative News Organization
Jeff Jarvis

Oh please. You don’t want a “conservative” outlet. You want a milquetoast, stand-for-nothing East Coast play thing that won’t offend your progressive colleagues.

You aren’t talking for an unemployed factory worker, you’re talking for a few Prius-driving lawyers and accountants who want to pay less taxes and would prefer more pleasant looks at dinner parties when they mention they’re Republican (or would prefer not to have to hide the fact in shame at such parties).

What you want is the conservatism of Jeb Bush. A man that made most conservatives recoil in disgust. We tried the Bushes it didn’t work out so well.

By all means go start your venture. But if you think you’ll have any readership beyond a small sliver of the East Coast you’re as delusional as Jeb! and his donors.

I can’t think of two people less conservative than Ana Navarro and Jennifer Rubin.

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