It’s Official: Handface Videos Are Now Being Studied in Academia

We’ve had a lot of press coverage for our videos over the years, but we were especially delighted to find out that one of our earlier successes ‘The Shining Sweded’ (for which we won the Michel Gondry Award for Best Sweded Film) is now a case study in the Routledge Companion to Remix Studies.

This was a video we made in 2009 — a no-budget reworking of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. It ended up with hundreds of thousands of views, lots of press and was in many ways the launchpad for our business.

As Routledge put it: ‘The act of recombining pre-existing material brings up pressing questions of … the techno-politics of media activism’. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Here’s a screenshot from the book:

Click here to see the original video.

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