#WomenNotObjects: ‘Objectifying women is up there with inequality’

In a society that is directly driven by human consumption, post-modern relativism, and the ideology that humans are nothing more than evolved animals, our response can be nothing more than, — as a group of philosophers from the late 90’s put it — “so lets do it like they do it on the discovery channel.” And if everyone is dancing to their primal DNA, who are we to tell them, “No!” In which case, this is a social catastrophe.

Progressive feminism and post-modern philosophy has thrust its roots deep into our academic institutions, political offices, social regimes, and marketing and commerce corporations, instituting their three-pronged manifesto: “Truth is relative. Morality is relative. You must figure it out for yourself.” Which we all thought was a sublime achievement in the realm of “isms”, until corporations like Enron had in fact dealt morally relative with their shareholders, in which case, we didn’t like that and subjected them to absolute adjudication. Despite such world views and belief systems leading to social, cultural, and economic decay, most channels of information continue to peddle and perpetuate that morality, meaning and truth is relative, opulent attainment by any means necessary is virtue, and pornography is a legitimate source for sexual education. This is what society wanted, right? Freedom! Except it’s only the kind of freedom a kite experiences once severed from its spool; it comes crashing down really fast and really hard. Why would you expect a whole society to act differently from what they are taught? “Rape culture” is the direct result of such a worldview. When you tell someone they can have anything they want, and no one is allowed to tell them they can’t because they ought to be their true selves, and nothing is more true than ones biological construct and an impassioned heart; “consume and drink your heart’s desire” with everything a hedonistic life can offer, you get an entire society that now sees people as a means to an end. Human value, integrity, dignity, and worth, are nowhere to be found, because they are all tenets of a religious worldview.

Professor Jon Gray (Atheist) from the London School of Economics puts it so poignantly and accurately in his book Straw Dogs, “The prevailing secular worldview is a pastiche of current scientific orthodoxy and pious hopes. Darwin has shown that we are animals; but–as humanists never tire of preaching–how we live is ‘up to us.’ Unlike any other animal, we are told, we are free to live as we choose. Yet the idea of free will does not come from science. Its origins are in religion–not just any religion, but the Christian faith against which humanists rail so obsessively.”

How far have we come as humans? Here’s the irony. So far in as much that we refuse to identify as animals (and yet perpetuate that we are their descendents), all the while employing an absolute moral ethic of human dignity as being inherent — “I’m not here for your sexual entertainment” — and yet smirk at the idea that there are moral absolutes and a divine standard that everyone ought to live by.

I’m not trying to write this with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. I write this with disdain and repulsion, with hopes of appropriately critiquing and rendering social and cultural conventions. To put it succinctly, if you wish to amend our culture’s sexual ethic, then you must shed the unsuited skin of post-modernism and its evolutionary tenets, and contend against the secular contemporary humanist notion, and adopt a legitimate, rational, logically consistent, empirically adequate, and emotionally relevant belief system that reinforces, sustains, satiates and meets our human ethos and hearts cry for true and dignified treatment of one another. That being, that our identities are not reducible to consumerism, biophysical constructs, and redefinition of gender.

The madmen advertising mentality is not the issue here. The issue is that we’ve eagerly given up the driver’s seat to those who, as Professor Jon Gray would say, have adopted the cardinal principle of humanism, in that, there is no inherent human value. And thus, the so called sexual emancipation from victorian, traditional ethics has led to nothing but moral bankruptcy, devaluation and inflation of sexuality, and emotional chaos. I acknowledge, and have devoted my life to the understanding that people are not objects of consumption, and they are not to be discarded if they don’t operate to our hearts content. As a heterosexual, traditional, stereotypical looking male, I have and will continue to contend against the “sex sells” mantra of today; especially as someone who’s made a career in advertising and marketing. People are not to be judged by the ethic they espouse, but by the ethic they live by. And I can tell you in full conviction, I am able to write something as cutting and scathing as this cultural rebuke, because my grounding is unwavering, and my view of women as co-laborers and beneficiaries of the apex title, is uncompromising. Of men’s most noble conquests, is not found in conquering women, but in conquering thyself.

Our New Religion

A critique on post-modernism.

First dentistry was painless; 
Then bicycles were chainless 
And carriages were horseless 
And many laws, enforceless. 
Next, cookery was fireless, 
Telegraphy was wireless, 
Soon oranges were seedless, 
The putting green was weedless, 
The college boy hatless, 
The proper diet, fatless, 
Now motor roads are dustless, 
The latest steel is rustless, 
Our tennis courts are sodless, 
Our new religions, godless.

-Arthur Guiterman