To Close the Gender Gap, We Have to Close the Data Gap
Melinda Gates

Excellent points — I will pick up Melinda’s themes and add a bonus for the Gates Foundation as well.

Data without action is simply big data, as now termed, and overwhelming many of us. In fact some are going out of their way to deliberately bombard many with menaingless pieces of data to obscure the inequality and inequity elsewhere.

Let us look at who owns what data and who has the skills, notably women in this case, to distill and act on data — the classic DATA into INFORMATION for DECISIONS causing ACTIONS of merit.

Here the Gates Foundation are also acting as they support work to empower women, particularly, along the supply chain. This is not yet more jobs for the boys doing analysis of value chains, but practical skills built to assist delivery and then accountability of health supply chains. Gates Foundation are already supporting a women owned and run organisation Pam Steele Associates, to undertake this type of work to deliver tangible, practical, actions for women (and the wider disenfranchised population) in Nigeria.

Power to the people — give them ownership of the data, give them the skills to draw out the information and empower them to act on this information to decide for themselves and take action — Quality work from the Gates Foundation

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