It is a scenario often seen where if a place has affordable house, the places isn’t suitable to live and the vice versa is true as well. A locality offering cheaper homes will have a lot of happy residents. Affordability runs side by side with contentment. The main locations for the most affordable houses in the UK are in the areas of natural beauty. These places have affordable homes and very happy residents as well. These places offer the lifestyle of a perfect life inside the country without the crowding of excessive neighbours.

Cumbria is the most preferred location for a happy and highly affordable living with two locations in the area that catch everybody’s attention, Allerdale and Copeland. The area of Allerdale is surrounded with beaches, mountainous views and several scenic beauties offering the most peaceful living experiences to anybody settled there.

The general trend lies in selecting places with extremes of picturesque beauty. East Cambridgeshire also has affordable homes compared to the ones on the southeast and offers a great lifestyle to the residents there as well. The place is surrounded with many beautiful destinations. Allerdale is also home to the market town of Cockermouth.

Market towns in the south east typically lead the list of most happy places to say despite being quite expensive. According to property developer Paul Kemsley, the properties in these locations are offering a happy living due to their picturesque beauty.

Paul Kemsleyis renowned property develop in the UK and is famous for having revived the New York Football team, The New York Cosmos. He was the former chairman of the famous premier league football club in the UK, Tottenham Hotspur and is spearheading the real estate and property business in the UK. Paul Kemsley has real estate empire with net worth of millions.