There was a city council meeting last night that opened in prayer and discussed rezoning for a supermarket, one cent sales tax, and the licensing of morticians.

Over 200 people from the town came together to attend the meeting, however most of them left after the first case which involved a developer named Carl Erskine who wanted t move a cemetery to build a supermarket. In the following case councilwoman Wilma Rudolph proposed a one-cent sales tax. Lastly councilman Mazeroski proposed that the city needed to be able to license morticians.

Carl Erksine showed up to the meeting wanting to convert 2 and r800 block of Forbes Street from a cemetery into a area an area where he could build his supermarket. He was met with strong opposition from townspeople who felt this change was unnecessary and unwanted. In the end it was the councils decision to make and they shut him down with a 5–2 vote. The next idea proposed was Wilma Rubolph`s who suggested that a one-cent sales tax would raise about $400,000 for the city as well as preventing layoffs while only costing the average family $75. Mayor Sadecki was against the tax stating that is was not what the people. The council however was for it and voted for the tax 5–2. Lastly Councilman Mazeroski brought forth the idea that morticians in the area should be forced to be licensed which would mean they have to pay a fee of $150 per mortuary each year. There were several morticians who attempted to speak out in the crowd with rebuttals but in the ennd the city ending up tabling the motion by a vote of 6–1.

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