CNA week 7

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry continues to dominate the NBA with jawdropping free throws and overall skill, he has had the MVPaward since January and shows no signs of stopping. With this rise others have been knocked down from top spots causing an upset where LebBron James is only number two in the league. Things will continue to heat up as other top players fight to be number one.

FInished QB`s

Recently it has been discussed by the sports community that both Robert Griffin and Colin Kaepernick may be done with their NFL careers in the near future. They are both young bold quarterbacks who were acquired at great cost to their teams but they are now viewed as flawed quarterbacks and harmful to making good plays on the field. They have picked up certain habbits and tendencies which are making their performance suffer and because of the way Kaepernick`s contract was designed it is fairly easy for the team to release him of it.

Peyton Manning

It has been a assumed fact for some time now that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning would retire from the NFL if he won a Super Bowl, however that may not be the case. People close to Manning have claimed he tells them of plans to keep playing and how much he still enjoys the game. Manning has until Tuesday to announce his retirement before he will remain in the NFL but now as a free agent.