Public Relations

Liberty University public relations ideas

  1. Liberty University provides economic and enjoyment boost to Lynchburg by taking ownership of a nearby mall with plans to revitalize it.
  2. A college cyclist by the name of Brandon Siller drew attention when he stopped in the middle of a race to help a girl who had been cut off and fell, this cost him his place but Liberty University is proud of him.
  3. Recently several Liberty University were recognized in front of the school for there service in youth ministries, one gave up his football career to serve full-time, while the other is currently on missions in the Philippines.

Apple News Release iPhone SE

Apple has recently announced a new phone they will be selling that they call the iPhone SE. This new phone is a combination of new internal hardware combined with the smaller look and simple features of older iPhones. The new phones biggest claim is that is has a 4-inch display screen which many customers having been missing from Apples older phones.

Coca-Cola donates

Recently Coca-Cola has made a rather large donation of 84.5 million dollars in order to benefit many companies. As they put it this money was given to mainly benefit women, water and well-being. Since the companies beginning in 1984 they have given upwards of 820 million dollars spread over more than 200 countries.

Amazon knows math

A few months ago Amazon begun a program that challenges school teachers and students to acknowledge their possible difficultly with learning mathematics and pledge to have a more optimistic outlook and pursue excellence. They desire for students to replace to common saying of “I am not good at math” with a better phrase of “I am getting better at math”. Amazon is committed to this cause and seeks to correct the current statistic that over 50% of people claim to be bad at math.

Sony Products

Sony unveiled many new products this January at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Some of these include monitors that are more compatable with 4k graphics as well combining 4k with High Dynamic Range in order to enhance picture quality. Additionally Sony has produced many new video cameras and many different types of speakers that continue to shrink in size but expand in quality.

Facebook VR

A part of Facebook`s company called Oculus is solely focused on discovering how to make virtual reality life-like with a specific emphasis on the social aspect of it. Facebook believes advances in this area would bring the whole world closer together by making it feel possible to see everything the person you are communicating with sees. They are reporting sizable advances in virtual reality and are promising great things.

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