How to Ditch Procrastination … NOW!

Best way to jeopardize your future (and now) is to procrastinate. So why are we so … stuck, as if programmed to delay?

Proven Get UNstuck NOW! 
Ditch Procrastination NOW!

First thing is to notice that ‘procrastinate’ isn’t an action word (for those who think otherwise, how do you actually DO ‘procrastinate’? AHA! That’s a key learning …)

In truth, to procrastinate means we are ‘thinking’ about NOT doing something that we’re ‘thinking’ about … NOT doing! Hmmm… two negative frames with no action step … and yes, you did read that sentence correctly ;-)

So in fact, to procrastinate means we actually ARE doing something … about something else. The key then is to channel our precious energy:

Be guided by your Internal Truth. 
 Your UNconscious ALWAYS serves you best.

Consistently, ALL my Breakthrough coaching graduates confirm that this is the key to their continuing Breakthrough achievements. That you can be empowered to directly channel your energy to create more compelling results to serve you best. That’s right.

What to do: When you sense you are about to procrastinate, shift gears (from ‘think’ about .. not) to action = DO it exactly as your UNconscious guides you to do.

*resource: apply the ‘Thank You’ Mantra strategy ( Breakthrough strategy: ‘Harness your UNconscious’).

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And when aren’t you ready now to harness this for yourself or your group now? This is one of my fav, top 100, proven strategies that empower guaranteed, consistently improved results. That’s right.

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