How to pre-script your own story to create improved results. Consistently!

Good news: you already do consistently pre-script your own story. We ALL do. Daily. In fact many times daily. The difference is in … how … you decide to frame, then write that story.

And so, like a food grinder, 
what you put in, is what comes out. 
It is your story, so write it how you desire it!

Here’s the formula: Frame things in abundance and high vibrancy thoughts and meaningful, joyful celebrations result consistently. Alternatively, societal conditioning prompts some to frame their story in doubts and negative, low vibrancy thoughts … and that’s how their results consistently turn out (lots of ‘reasons’ and excuses). Who do you know like that? How’s that working?

You and I get to pick 90,000+ times/day: write yourself a bit part in a tragedy or as the star in something truly inspiring. That’s right.

Proven Get UNstuck NOW! 
Change Gears to (re)Frame your Story

Apply the Thank You Mantra to change gears to (re)frame something in-the-moment. It is a key strategy for my proven Get UNstuck NOW Breakthrough Coaching system.

To DO: Each time something ‘different’ happens than (you) expect, immediately apply this proven ‘Thank You’ strategy (described below):

So when (your) results seem ‘off’, do note that it is just in your ‘story’, the one … you write for yourself, consciously. The same ‘story’ that you are scripting right now, as you read this, to impact what you decide to do next. And next. It precisely follows the law of Cause-Effect, empowering you to be on the Cause side … to create more compelling results (vs make excuses).

Here’s the proven ‘Thank You’ Mantra Strategy:

  • First, physically hand-write this ‘Thank You’ mantra three times (keep it visible and handy, for later reference):
“Thank you UNconscious … 
 for bringing this to my attention. 
Now I know what to DO.”
  • Then, any time something occurs, different than (you, in your ‘story’) expected, say the mantra out loud, to yourself … and DO whatever your Inner Truth guides you at that moment, without delay. Apply this strategy consistently from now on. That’s right.

I coach my VIP Breakthrough clients to track and report 2 numbers daily: The # of times (that day) something different happens, as above; and the # of times they applied, without delay, the mantra ‘Thank you UNconscious…” Within just days, consistently, with my daily coaching, the first number goes down and the second number goes up. Awesome!

It WILL work for you too: How soon will you decide now to experience this kind of positive, empowering shift? The key is to DO it, consistently, as it serves you best! Why not apply it for 7 days and track your own results. My treat.

Contact me at or +1 (905) 764–8525 for a quick 5 minute chat (my treat) … that’s all most leaders need to get on track. Or when you are ready for a change, ask for a personal Breakthrough coaching strategy session to apply this to your benefit.

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