Who Needs a TRUE Yes/No Answer Right Now?Apply the Sway Test

Today’s Get UNstuck NOW Breakthrough coaching system strategy:

Apply the Sway Test.
It is an easy way to harness the awesome power of your UNconscious (your BEST friend) — it ALWAYS tells the truth! And it is free ;)

Ask your body questions that can be specifically answered ‘yes’ or ‘no. Your body ALWAYS tells the truth. And you can apply this anytime, any place.

Background: It is called the Sway Test (Google it), documented in 1964 by Dr. George Goodheart, Jr, who introduced the world to Applied Kinesiology, based on the scientific fact that the body (your direct link to the UNconscious) never lies. In the 1970’s, Dr John Diamond applied it to test the positive and negative effects our thoughts have on the Thymus Gland (located beneath the upper middle part of our breastbone, the master controller of our life energy),

It is used as a standard for chiropractors, nutritionists and homeopaths who use muscle/energy testing to dialog with the body. It is a key calibration component of the Quantum Change Process™ (www.is.gd/Quantum),

Muscle/energy testing is the response of our individual energy systems to the vibrations of certain substances, people and even statements/thoughts we make. Each person has an unique energy system just like each of us has our own fingerprint. Our nervous system is a 37-mile-long antenna which discriminates subtle frequencies that scientific instruments can’t measure. While MRIs, EEGs, and CAT scans give us vital information, for more subtle feedback, most professionals rely on muscle testing.

How to do the Sway Test (normally completed in under 10 seconds):
1. Be sure you are well hydrated.
2. Stand comfortably with feet shoulder width apart, barefoot/flat shoes (no heals).
3. Clear your mind of any thoughts (be mindful, not mind full ;-)
4. Tell/program yourself “Go forward for a yes answer” and “Go backward for a no answer”.
First time, it might take a second or two to notice the sway. A good first test, to calibrate, can be your name: “My name IS (say your true name)” Wait for a sway, usually under 5 seconds. You can ask/test anything, even to confirm false things.
5. Ask yourself a specific YES/NO question … it
MUST be phrased in a positive truth frame, as the UNconscious has ZERO capability to process negative thought! That’s why, when you tell someone (including yourself) to NOT do something, the first thing they do is exactly what you said NOT to do (source: Get UNstuck NOW Breakthrough Coaching System: Your Wish IS Granted: Only Think of What You DO Desire).
6. Optional: if needed, repeat the question to get a consistent Y/N answer (this sometimes happens in first ever uses of the Sway Test, or if the question is vague).

I empower my VIP www.GetUNstuckNOW.org Breakthrough coaching system graduates to apply the Sway Test to ALL their decisions. Including:

- instant confirmation before pressing send on emails/txts,
- starting any significant call/contact/relationship (business or personal)
- specific reactants (foods, liquids, meds, vitamins, lotions etc..)
- making a specific go/no go purchase/decision

It works!

And it serves you best, as the answer comes swiftly, easily and directly from your UNconscious, your best friend (source: www.GetUNstuckNOW.org Breakthrough coaching system strategy: Action your Blueprint”)

So where will you decide now to apply the Sway Test for yourself … right now? That’s right, stand up and test it now. Nice!

How soon will you decide now to like and share this powerful results-achieving strategy with those who will benefit too. This is one of my fav, top 100, proven strategies that empower guaranteed, consistently improved results. Other posts in this Get UNstuck NOW leadership series are archived here and at: www.bit.ly/PaulonLinkedIn

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