Implementing small changes to my personal finances and spending habits has helped me free up almost a quarter of my monthly income. Let me show you how the Zuper app has helped me regain full control over my personal finances in 5 simple steps.

I’m young, I have a great job, and I never learned how to manage my money. This can turn out to be an explosive combination. At least for me it did.

For most of my life, money has never been a big issue for me — because there wasn’t any…

Sometimes, when it rains it pours.

No matter how prepared you are, life always finds a way … to slap you in the face!

That’s a fact.

And it’s especially true for your financial life.

No matter how financially prepared you think you are, there will always be a car ready to break down when you…

oh to be free …

Being in debt is always a particularly stressful experience, no matter the circumstances you’re in. If you’ve signed for a loan, borrowed money in other ways, or are unable to pay your bills on time, you are required to pay back your debts as quickly as possible. …

Paul Niklaus

Marketing Manager at @ZuperBank. In love with Marketing, Standup Comedy, and Story Telling. Send me pictures of your cat or your user on-boarding flows.

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