For the past thirty plus years, Sundays have been for football. However, today I decided to say “No.” Why would I say “No” to something that brings me so much joy? I had lots of work to do.

I chose to work in silence. It was great. I still have much to do but I accomplished a great deal. It helped that there weren’t any games on that I wanted to see but saying “No” felt good.

I worked in silence for most of the day. Finally, I decided to turn on the television around 8:30PM just to provide a diversion from my thoughts. “60 Minutes” was the perfect distraction. I watched a feature about lowland gorillas. It was very interesting.

9PM came and next up was the second Presidential debate. Much like my earlier decision to say “No” to football, I have largely stayed away from this year’s election. As a former teacher of social studies and fan of history, this has been a difficult choice.

I got back to work and chose to listen passively while I worked. The debate helped provide me with reassurance of my choice to say “No” to Election 2016.

Typically, I would spend hours watching, reading and researching information preparing myself for the election. Since my first chance to vote in 1992, I have been an eager, loyal voter.

My voting streak will continue because I believe in our power to vote. However, I will no longer devote any time to the pre-election festivities.

This post was/is not meant to be political in any way. This post was/is about having the power to say “No” freely and without a sense of guilt.

By saying “No,” I give myself the opportunity to concentrate on things that are more important.

By saying “No,” I remain a guardian of my time.

My name is Paul O’Neill and I approve this message.


day 39

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