Guilty as charged.

I suppose we all are but I feel like I carry a larger burden than most.

I don’t have a problem with taking the first step. I have taken plenty of first steps but I’ve always been a big picture guy.

Before taking that first step, I’ve always looked at the rest of the staircase.

Maybe it’s my New York City upbringing that made me a look-before-I-leaper? A head-on-a-swiveler? A radars-up guy? Who knows?

I find it tough to quiet my busy mind. I often hope for the best but plan for the worst (just in case). 😉

My leisure is structured. In case of fire, I am ready to break the glass. I am always aware of emergency exits.

I will settle down one day. We can only push so hard for so long. We need balance to survive. We need vision. Perhaps not a vision in its entirety but a sneak preview would suffice.

I’ve got a lot to learn. My new plan is taking it one step at a time.

#blog 365

day 22

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