I rarely play the lottery. It’s not because I couldn’t use the money. Outside of my “work pool,” it was just never something that appealed to me.

Yesterday morning on the way to work , I pulled $6 from my wallet and spontaneously decided to buy three scratch-off tickets.

It had been at least fifteen years since I felt the anticipation of random hope and possibility. The top prize was $50,000. Certainly not life changing money but a sum that would allow the absolution of some mounting debt.

As I methodically scratched away from left to right, the clerk called over to me. I didn’t hear what he said because I was too busy concentrating, perhaps even attempting to will myself to victory.

The clerk called to me again. I snapped back into reality and looked away from my meal ticket. Suddenly, his words became clear like I was awakening from a deep sleep.

The clerk said, “You dont have to erase all of the numbers. Just erase the bar code and put the ticket in the machine to reveal your winnings.

I ended up winning $10 total. However, my takeaway was much greater. When I asked why the barcode was all I needed to scratch off, I was told that customers got frustrated scratching off the whole ticket so they made tickets now that only required minimal scratching.

The most fun part is the anticipation behind each column scratched. Call me old school but I like the excitement and fun of the possibility behind each scratch.


day 51

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